At Seung-ni Fit Club, we have been in business since 1989, and we put our experience and earned knowledge to work every day for your benefit. We love our community, so we are highly involved with local schools, day care programs, and summer camps. Because of this, we have helped support numerous local and national charities such as St. Jude’s Research Hospital, American Red Cross, homeless shelters, Toys for Tots, and Michigan Blood.

Seung-ni offers more group fitness classes than any other gyms in the area, and we have a variety of options to become a member. We can accommodate you, whatever your preferences may be. You can choose between an annual membership, monthly, punch card, or just drop in. Once a member, you have unlimited access to all locations. As the creators of the Seung-ni Body Challenge, we have always been the innovators of bringing new group fitness and nutrition programs to the market, and we proudly offer unlimited group fitness classes with top notch instructors. These instructors have to complete a rigorous training and certification program because we want to offer nothing but the best.  We pride ourselves on making every person feel comfortable and welcomed, and we have helped thousands of people transform their bodies and learn to enjoy a lifestyle of health and fitness. The fact is, our program at Seung-ni works. It’s an intense workout led by an instructor that is motivating and makes you sweat. The classes produce amazing results. More importantly, our customers often tell us how much they appreciate the culture of Seung-ni and how it feels like a family.

Our facilities are always clean and stocked with modern equipment to help you achieve fast and real results. We get to know our members personally and know their names so they don’t feel like just a number. Our team is always researching better ways to improve people’s health with exercise and technology. We work hard to offer the best customer service possible because we all absolutely love what we do. We work at a business that revolves around good vibes and positive energy before, during, and after classes. We love making Seung-ni our clients’ favorite stop of their day.


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