If you have ever created a weight loss plan, only to stray from your goals early on, you know just how difficult it can be to remain focused and motivated during a time where discipline is a necessity. Worse yet, things like food cravings and a lack of desire to go to the gym can make your weight loss efforts seem nearly impossible. However, there are many ways that you can remain dedicated to achieving your goals so that your weight loss endeavors are both easy and exciting.

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Get Plenty of Sleep

While eating right and making routine trips to the gym are both vital for losing weight, you should also be getting plenty of sleep each night to optimize your body’s ability to burn fat. While this may seem like a strange piece of advice, the truth is that quality sleep is essential for your body to shed fat. In fact, according to a recent study published by the University of Chicago that measured the correlation between sleep and fat loss, noting that “during weeks with adequate sleep, participants lost 3.1 pounds of fat and 3.3 pounds of fat-free body mass, mostly protein. During the short-sleep weeks, participants lost an average of 1.3 pounds of fat and 5.3 pounds of fat-free mass.” As you can see, adequate sleep is just as important when trying to lose weight as getting plenty of exercise.

Eating Healthy

One of the areas that individuals seem to struggle with most when trying to lose weight is changing their daily eating habits. Opting for healthy snacks when sugary sweets are present is just one of the ways that you can make your weight loss goals more obtainable. Failing to do so will essentially nullify all of the hard work that you put in at the gym, so consider cutting out processed sugars and unhealthy fats when planning out your meals for the day.

Go To the Gym with A Friend

Finding the motivation to leave the house and go to the gym can be incredibly difficult, especially if you frequently go to the gym by yourself. However, by going to the gym with a friend who is also considering improving their health, you can motivate and encourage one another to stay focused on the task at hand.

In part two of our multi-part series, we will talk about three additional ways that you can make losing weight both easy and enjoyable. To learn more about any of our instructed fitness classes, or to sign up for a membership today, contact a Seung-Ni Fit Club near you!