At Seung-ni Fit Club, we are known for many things, the foremost of which is our Body Challenge. This 6-week program includes access to all of our group fitness classes, a strict and balanced nutrition plan, supplement recommendations, and accountability through weekly weigh-ins and coaching.

Our next Body Challenge can be done Solo or with a Partner!

At the beginning of the Body Challenge, you set your goal of whether you want to lose 15 lbs or 5% body fat. If you reach your goal at final weigh-in (and follow a few other simple criteria)  you will get ALL YOUR CHALLENGE MONEY BACK! If you choose to do it with a partner, you’ll choose a goal together and you’ll have to have a cumulative weight loss of 30+ pounds or 10% body fat loss as a team!

Our Next Body Challenge Starts July 16th!

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We’ve honed our three-step program to give our participants great results.

The Body Challenge Program

1. Peak Fat Burning Workouts

Our fitness programs are designed to propel your body into the fat-burning zone and enhance lean muscle growth throughout the body. When utilizing our programs in the secret ratio given to our Body Challenge participants, your body will become a fat burning machine as you shed weight and tone your body into a chiseled piece of eye-candy, worthy of bragging about!

2. Research-Driven Nutrition Plan

That’s right! Our diet plan is backed by research studies, as well as our thousands of Body Challenge participants who experience insanely good results, time after time! Don’t believe us? Ask Jennifer Aniston or Demi Moore how they are able to stay fit and prepare for their movies! Our nutritional plan is all-encompassing. From breakfast to dinner, we’ve got you covered. We’ll even provide you with expert advice on supplementation to get the best experience out of your Body Challenge.

3. Complete Accountability & Coaching

“Ten more reps!” Have you ever heard a weight machine say that? Yeah, us either. We believe that sometimes people need a little guidance towards making healthy decisions. During your Body Challenge, you will constantly be surrounded by motivation and support. We keep you on track every single week, and if you have a bad week, we’ll get you right back into the swing of things– no sweat! Join us and experience the motivation and excitement that is the Seung-ni Body Challenge!

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