Your hips are essential to working out. When running, a lot of power comes from your hips. When playing a sport, they are important to creating power and moving quickly. Even in every day life, your hips impact you more than you realize. Here are some stretches to help strengthen your hips.

Leg Raises

This stretch is done by an individual lying on the ground on their side. You slowly raise the outside leg up and then back down several times. Then you can turn your ankle in, and do the same thing. Then turn the ankle out and do the same thing. This stretch helps with side mobility and is helpful when the hip feels very sore.

Leg Circles

Getting on your hands and knees, rotate one leg bent at the knee several times in a clockwise direction. Then repeat in the opposite direction and then with the other leg. This stretch helps all around mobility and makes your hips stronger which can make you and your fitness stronger.


Lunges are done by standing upright, and taking one large step. Do so until your other knee almost makes contact with the ground. These are great for your hips. If done correctly and slowly, these help strengthen the hip in a similar motion to running and are very helpful for runners with hip issues looking to help their fitness.


Standing upright, hold your arms straight out. Then, slowly raise one leg without bending the knee and get as close to your arms as possible. This hip stretch is beneficial to your hip flexors and helps with their mobility.

Roll it Out

A good way to relieve aches and soreness in your hips, purchasing a stiff foam roller can help you. Just put pressure on your hip by shifting it back and forth across the roller.

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