Going to the gym on a consistent basis is sometimes a difficult feat to accomplish. The confliction may money, time, or even accessibility. Yet, there is still a way to receive a complete workout at home. All that is required is an open floor space. With an open floor space, many different muscle groups can be targeted through various exercises.


Push-ups are a classic exercise that works out many muscle groups on the upper half of the body. This simple exercise targets the following muscle groups: chest, triceps, shoulder, and core. Push-ups can also be enhanced to work specific areas of the body by performing inclined or declined push-ups. Likewise, different grips (wide grip and diamond grip) with the hands can make push-ups more of a challenge in a workout.   With this in mind, push-ups are a necessity when it comes to working out at home.


Abs have the biggest selection of exercises to choose from for a workout. That being said, different ab exercises target different areas of the abdominal region. The different areas of the abdominal region include upper, middle, and lower. Alternating ab exercises per workout will increase total coverage of the abdominal region. Some of the most common ab exercises include sit-ups, crunches, and planks. For comfort, these workouts can be performed on a mat to minimize soreness on the body.


Legs are often forgotten when it comes to exercising at home without weights. However, exercises such as air squats can still provide a nice workout when the gym is unavailable. Alternative exercises such as mountain climbers and burpees include working out the legs and other muscles. Additionally, running in a neighborhood is a great way to use different muscles in the legs that are not used enough while performing exercises