Carbohydrates are a large part of our every day diet. They fuel us with energy to do daily tasks and exercise. With some of the new diets out there, it is important to realize that cutting carbs from our nutrition and diet completely can do more harm than good. Here are some ways that carbohydrates benefit the human body.

Performance in Exercise

Carbohydrates are like the gas we put into cars to make them move. Consuming carbohydrates can help an athlete or a person working out to last longer and perform better. Complex carbohydrates like oatmeal and pasta take longer to break down in your body, allowing for greater energy storage as well. Even when not exercising, adding carbohydrates to your nutrition can supply the energy to carry on with daily tasks.

Increased Metabolism

Not only can taking in carbohydrates assist you in workouts, but it can boost your metabolism as well. Many people think that if they cut out carbs, their body will burn more fat. This is not always the case. Consuming carbs can increase you ability to burn carbs and fat off at the same time.

Moderation with Nutrition

Many people associate carbs with fat. This is only the case if you are eating an excess of carbs, which is then converted into fat to be stored for later use. As long as you are not overdoing it, carbs can do nothing but benefit you.

Heart and Mind

Research has also proven how people who eat whole-grain items daily and consume a lot of soluble fiber (which is found in many carbohydrate foods) have lower cholesterol. Other research also shows that carbohydrates in the diet can improve your mood and memory over the course of the day.