More often than not, running is a hit or miss with people. Some despise the activity, and others cannot run enough. The feeling of running is hard to cope with for beginners. Luckily, there are a few tips to ease beginners into running and enhance how experienced runners feel during the activity.


Keeping hydrated is important when participating in an activity such as running. Hydration prevents a multitude of hindrances such as: cramping, fatigue, headaches, and cotton mouth. A general rule of thumb is to drink all day and before a run, weigh yourself. After a run, weigh yourself and drink back 1.5 times the weight lost. This will replenish your body and keep you hydrated. The sooner you can replenish your body with water the better.

Run in the Morning or at Night

Sweating is inevitable when exercising intensely in an activity like running. However, the less you can sweat the better you will feel when running. Sweating causes the blood volume to decrease in the body, which means less blood is traveling back to the heart. Thus, less oxygenated blood returns to the muscles causing fatigue. Typically, during the morning or at night the temperature outside is cooler than around mid-day. Also, running in a shaded area or wearing a hat can provide some relief when running during the day.


Wearing running shoes is strongly recommended when going on a run. Other shoes will not provide full comfort to the bottom of your foot and heel, possibly leading to an injury. Running shoes are built to be comfortable and durable, so the running shoes will last for a long time. Additionally, headphones can make running more enjoyable. Whether you are listening to your favorite hits or an audiobook, headphones can take your mind off of the physical stress of running and relax your mind.