All too often people are disappointed with the results they receive from an intense workout. Common characteristics include no changes in appearance, the absent of soreness, and even feeling pain. Before you start to throw your workout routine in the trash, there may be an easier solution to this problem. There are a few reasons why you may not be achieving the max results from your workouts. Luckily, there are several solutions to solve the multitude of problems you may be facing.


Form is the most important thing to remember when it comes to working out. Improper form can cause injury and pain. The wrong type of form can also take away from utilizing all of the targeted muscle area. Without proper form, you may be using other muscles in your body that are not designated for the exercise which is a high risk to your health. Proper form will lead to less pain and more noticeable differences.


When I use the word “discomfort” I am not referring to pain. Discomfort simply means that you should be pushing your body to an uncomfortable level when exercising. Achieving the right kind of discomfort will help you progress in your workout. If you do not push yourself, you will not notice any changes. Yet, if you feel discomfort or do more than required you will notice a change when working out.


No matter how intense or physically demanding of a workout you attempt, improper nutrition will cancel out all of the results. Aside from results, improper nutrition will make you feel unmotivated to continue working out and pushing yourself to the next level. Eating healthy will keep you energized and will keep your body ready for intense workouts. An easy tip to remember is eating protein after a workout will help your muscles recover, resulting in a noticeable change.