Being outside away from gyms can be enjoyable to workout in, but August is one of the hottest months of the entire year. That being said, athletes and fitness fans should be aware of heat fatigue and heat stroke. Headaches, cramps, and dizziness are all symptoms, and the proper measures can be taken to avoid hurting yourself. Here some ways to keep cool outside of gyms.

Cover the Neck

Covering your neck area can surprisingly help ward off overheating your body. The neck acts like a temperature gauge for the body, so if exposed to direct sunlight for a while, the body can feel uncomfortable. Wearing a backwards cap, a larger hat, or resting a cool towel on it can all be beneficial to keeping yourself cool.

Be Wise on the Time of Day

During the middle of the day, the temperatures reach their peak.This weather means that you are increasing your chances of a heat related injury that does not normally occur in gyms. Going in the morning or at dusk can be great to mold into a work schedule as well as avoiding the heat by a lot.

Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate

During the summer months, the heat causes your body to sweat a lot. This is in order to keep your body cool, so you need to hydrate to make sure your body has the ability to sweat. Hydrating properly can help avoid muscle cramps, and even wake you up more. It is essential when working out outside of gyms.

Clothing Choices

Choosing what to work out in is not always about the fashion. You must make sure you are wearing something breathable and light in order to carry as little heat as possible. Dressing in lighter colors also keeps the sun’s rays from being absorbed into your clothes, keeping you cooler.